Looking for your perfect cup of coffee? Browse our selection of premium organically grown coffee beans, air-roasted to perfection in Gold Beach, OR!



"Wow!  This coffee is amazing!  So smooth and tasteful with many flavor hints that are not found with other coffee.  This is definitely a top tier coffee not even comparable with any other out there." - R.C., Grover Beach, CA

"Absolutely the smoothest coffee I've ever consumed. The many flavors contained in this coffee are uncompromised by over roasting or burning an occasional bean like most coffees." -Doug L., Brookings, OR

"This coffee is our all time favorite we have tried all different blends and it's always fresh. Owners are great and very quick to respond. I have been using also for gifts for family." -Joe G., San Francisco, CA

What Makes Kissing Rock Different?

Who We Are

Kissing Rock Coffee is a family-owned small business based in Gold Beach, Oregon. Each small batch is air-roasted to perfection by our Master Roaster, Andrew Houghtaling.

Fair-Trade, Organically Grown Beans

As farmers ourselves, we are committed to ethically sourcing our beans and ensuring we bring you an excellent cup of coffee we can be proud of, from start to finish.

Air-Roasted For Exceptional Taste

Why air-roasted? We roast all our beans on a fluid-bed of air to ensure that the delicate flavors and nuances of each bean are represented in that final cup. Our process allows the beans to flow freely, bringing out sweet, rich notes that are never burnt and never bitter.

Small-Batch, High-Quality Coffee

We are all about quality over quantity. We strive to bring you the best cup of coffee every time, so we take the time to ensure each micro-roast is done to perfection.